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Anyone who has larger-than-usual feet knows how difficult it can be to find stylish footwear, and if you havereallybig feet it can sometimes seem downright impossible. It’s a problem faced by an increasing number of men and women these days as average foot sizes continue to get bigger while manufacturers typically stay within the same old traditional size ranges from decades ago. Shoppers looking for fashionable knee- and thigh-boots in larger sizes are generally out of luck. Not here at Jean Gaborit. We offer all of our styles in sizes up to 48 while certain of our motorcycle/field boot styles are available in sizes up to 54 – that’s approximately a US men’s size 19.

There is no need to give up on fashion just because you have larger feet. Our supremely sensual Dubai thigh boot, for example, with its imperious 4-inch heels is available up to a size 49. The same goes for our popular mid-heel Bettina thigh boot, perfect for the office or a night on the town, while our rugged masculine-style Colorado thigh boot can be made up to a size 54.  We have dozens of styles and all of them made to your order, in your choice of leather and colour and soles. And sizes.

And that’s the crucial thing – these are custom made, tailored to yourfoot, be it extra wide or extra narrow. Size matters, sure, but so does a perfect all-around fit. Large or small, our boots are all made individually, right here in our work shop, from the hand-cut soles to the vamp and the shafts. We use over a dozen measurements that you supply, together with tracings of yourfeet, to ensure a perfect fit and the most comfortable boots you are ever likely to find. Whatever your boot size.