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One of our most versatile and original styles the Volta is an over-the-knee boot that has struck a chord across a wide range of boot-lovers of both sexes since we first released it. Over the years we have seen it paired beautifully with mini-skirts on the one hand, and worn to stylish effect by bow-hunters and equestrians on the other. As practical as it is elegant and comfortable to wear, the Volta – shown here in brown Nubuck suede – is fully lined and comes with a stitched leather sole for everyday wear.

What’s in a name? Trivia buffs, historians and electrical engineers may have made the connection between the naming of our Volta boot and the 18th century Italian aristocrat and physicist Count Alessandro Volta, friend of Napoleon Bonaparte, who designed and built the world’s first electric battery in 1800 and later lent his name to the unit to the unit of electrical charge we all know as ‘the volt.’ By all accounts, Alessandro cut quite a dash in the courts of Europe. “Volta was fitted to attract both love and admiration,” it was said of him. “In person, he was tall and handsome, with noble features and the refined air of a gentleman.” Beloved of students and royalty alike, he became known to one and all as ‘our Volta.’ We liked that. And so when we were casting about for a name for this versatile and stylish design, we thought of Alessandro Volta – gentleman scholar, inventor and a shining beacon of the Age of Enlightenment.